About AleHorn

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The boys from Meadmakr with their Large AleHorn

Skål, friends!

AleHorn is a drinking horn company that produces fine handcrafted items for modern barbarians.

When AleHorn first started, many people still thought of drinking horns as costume pieces that you might buy at a Renaissance faire. While we do love Renaissance faires (a lot), we thought it was time to bring drinking horns to a wider audience.

Friends who received the first AleHorns as gifts came from many different walks of life. We gave them to housewives, surfers, weight lifters, writers, history buffs, people with beards and others without. The one thing all of them had in common is that the AleHorn put a smile on their face and quickly became their favorite drinking vessel.

While sitting around the fire drinking out of a horn is a lot of fun, many also exulted how the horns made them feel more connected to the past, and we quickly realized that it wasn’t just the renaissance faire crowd that was interested historical rediscovery.

Hundreds (or even thousands) of years ago, horns were found in nearly every home and were an important part of the joyous rituals of drinking. As history went on, they became relics. Our mission is to bring back the hearty drinking horn tradition while providing a fun drinking experience that’s accessible to everyone.

Handcrafted Horn Products

Our horn products are made using 100% ethically sourced bovine horn. Our Viking drinking horns and horn tankards have been carefully designed based on input from our friends and customers, and are a beautiful, authentically crafted pieces that are all 100% unique. Because they come from nature, there is no way any horn will ever be like any other.

We offer a wide variety of products including custom engraved pieces:

  • Drinking Horn Tankards
  • Classic Drinking Horns
  • Blowing Horns
  • Feastware
  • Beard Products
  • Original Artwork
  • and Accessories