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Makers of fine drinking vessels...for the Modern Barbarian

70% Off – Modern Barbarian Beard Products Launch Event


You've taken all that time to grow a great beard - but what if it could be even better? You've already done the hard part. Now all you have to do is take care of it. AleHorn is launching a beardcare line called Modern Barbarian Beard Company, and we'd love to hear what you think.

The Modern Barbarian’s Guide to Beard Grooming


Vikings had several sources of manly pride, ranging from battle prowess to the ability to hold drink and attract women. They're also very well known for their exceptional beardery, which is pretty huge considering they lived during a time when pretty much everyone except the Romans and Egyptians had a beard.

  • Viking Drinking Games

Drinking Games of the Viking Era


Guest post by Jereme Zimmerman, author of Make Mead Like a Viking. Above image is gameplay from Don't Fall in the Mead Hall by Viking Nerds. Let’s not beat around the bush. Drinking booze is fun. And so is playing games. Combine the two and you have a surefire recipe for good times. Whether drinking out

  • 20" and 12" Viking Drinking Horn Natural

New Natural Drinking Horn – Up to $25 off – Coupons Inside :)


tl;dr - We made a new natural drinking horn.  Coupons at the bottom. Why make a new natural drinking horn? Over the last few months we have received a lot of new customer feedback.  Mostly good (thanks!) and and some suggestions on how to do better. One of the suggestions that was brought up more than once,

A Conference Table for Modern Vikings


Your company makes important decisions here, but they also host important visitors. Companies typically try and express their power and confidence with subtle nuances, but this is a whole new level. This Viking ship conference table doesn't just hint at boardroom power, it screams it.

How to Throw a Great Game of Thrones Party


Waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones is like waiting for the winter to come - is it ever actually going to happen? It’ll be here someday - but in the meantime, you don’t need an excuse to throw a raging fete in the name of the king(s). Is it Halloween? Is it

  • alehorn drinking horn fathers day sale

Fathers Day Sale


9/10 fathers agree that an XL Game of Thrones tankard makes for a better gift than a crossbow bolt to the chest.  Get yours now for a special sale price.  

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