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Skol! Minnesota Vikings Sounding Horn Giveaway

If you're a Vikings fan, we know a couple of things about you: you hate the Pack, you know real Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets and you don't give a sh*t, and you love to MAKE SOME NOISE. Even though you've got yourselves a fancy new indoor stadium, we can't help but respect the

Viking Death Ship Brings New Mysteries

Under the shoreline of the Baltic Sea in a small Estonian village called Salme, two "Viking death ships" sat for a millennium untouched and unknown holding the bodies of dozens of Viking-era men who were violently killed in their prime. When the two ships were first found in 2008, we could tell a few things about

Three Ways to Celebrate National Mead Day

The first Mead Day was celebrated in 2002 as a way for homebrewers to spread the mead love. It was first organized by the American Homebrewers Association, who still selects the Official Mead Day recipe that homebrewers across the country make on the first Saturday in August each year. The original intent of mead day was

AleHorn Groomsmen Gift – Drinking Horn Giveaway

Should you finally ask her? What should the date be? Where should you go for your honeymoon? Three piece suit or kilt? Strawberry or chocolate? Inside or out? Chicken or beef? Beer or champagne (or mead)? Themed or traditional? So, when you guys gonna have some kids (*winkwink* *nudgenudge*)? Long after planning a wedding has

New Ommegang Game of Thrones Beer Announced: Valar Dohaeris

"Valar Dohaeris," which means "all men must serve," is the traditional High Valyrian reply to "Valar Morghulis," aka "all men must die." Fittingly, Valar Dohaeris Tripel Ale is Brewery Ommegang's answer to its previously released Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale, which is coming out of retirement for re-release alongside the new Game of Thrones beer. In

AleHorn Meadarita (Mead Margarita) Recipe

It's hot! Not that I'm complaining. It just means the drink in my tankard must be all the more cold. Frozen or iced mead drinks are good. Frozen or iced mead drinks with TEQUILA are even better. This drink recipe has been adapted from Meadarita (Mead Margarita) Recipe For this drink, you'll need: 2 ounces

Mead Read: Neil Gaiman to Retell Norse Mythology

Neil Gaiman, one of America's best contemporary novelists, will put fiction aside this year to write Norse Mythology, a re-telling of the stories about the gods of Asgaard. Norton (the publishing company I remember from my English major days as having compiled the best-respected anthologies of literature around) approached Gaiman for the project, and he was all

Iceland’s Soccer Upset: The Tip of the Iceburg

Iceland's 2-1 win over England at the Euro 2016 soccer tournament is being called one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport. Easily the favored team in the matchup, England was shocked to watch their team lose to the tiny country of 330,000, and now that they've got the world's attention, we'd thought

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