Edit – Check out our Season 7 contest HERE

Results are in – after several weeks of polling, you guys voted on the Game of Thrones house sigil symbols you thought we should engrave on our tankards in anticipation of the Season 6 premier. As a thanks for voting, we’re giving away one of each, plus one grand prize winner will win all six!

We will be starting the contest on Wednesday March 2nd and concluding on Sunday April 17th.  The goal is to get prizes to the winners in time for the premier.  Come April 24th, you could be guzzling your favorite ale from your new AleHorn tankard personalized with art inspired by your favorite Game of Thrones house sigil.

One lucky winner will win all six tankards!

As our poll rolled out, Stark and Lannister took a quick lead, followed closely by Targaryen. Greyjoy remained a strong 4th for some time, until it was edged out by Baratheon during the second week. It finished 5th. For the final 6th place spot. Martell and Mormont remained a few votes apart for several days until Martell finally closed in, winning the last spot by 20 votes.

The Greyjoy love came as a bit of a surprise (doesn’t everyone need to sow at least once?), but hey, if you want it, who are we to argue?

Our talented engraver Chris Grunch came up with designs featuring the six finalists – check them out and be sure to enter the contest below.

  • Six people will win the house sigil tankard of their choice
  • The grand prize winner will win all six tankards

Good luck – may you reap all the tankards