If you’re like us and the thought of a cheesy Valentine’s gift (aside from actual cheese) makes you feel like flipping tables, our Celtic love knot drinking horn set is right up your alley.

We often get custom order requests for Celtic heart knots for wedding sets, and we love the way the design looks, so we thought we’d make it Facebook official. This set includes two XL horn tankards, each hand engraved with traditional unending Celtic love knots.

The story behind the Celtic love knot

The Celtic knot was first used artistically in the 3rd and 4th century BC to show faith and declare strong love to one another. (They were also used to ward off evil spirits, because you can never be too careful).

Although many different heart shaped knots have been used, they are always neverending and are always given as a sign of heightened passions and true love.

Later, when sailing was all the rage, sailors would show off their knot tying prowess by creating intricate love knots for their ladies back at home. The knots would be made into lace and jewelry as treasured mementos, and it’s also thought that at some point love knots were even exchanged the same way we exchange modern wedding rings.

Even if historical symbolism isn’t your thing, you gotta admit that it’s a pretty good story to tell over a pint. Plus, it’s a set of two – so no fighting!