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The stories behind the house sigils in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and TV’s Game of Thrones series are as colorful as the banners themselves. The mythical or natural symbols on boldly colored fields represent where a member of that house has come from, but in  many cases also foreshadow where he’s headed.

In the most famous instance of sigil symbolism, the House Stark Direwolf represents the coming hardships as well as the fierce and proud ruggedness of the Starks, but also literally warns of the coming of winter.

Ygritte: “Is that how you lot do your fighting? You march down the road banging drums and waving banners?

Jon Snow: “Most of the time, yes.

Ygritte: “How do the men holding the banners fight?

Jon Snow: “They don’t, really. It’s a great honor to carry your House sigil.

A house sigil is a great source of pride for those who follow it. If you bear the sigil of one of the lords or knights of Westeros, you fight for them, you celebrate victories with them, and you identify with their values. You make them stronger, and in turn, they protect and provide for you. Where do you cast your lot?

For which house do you bend the knee?

We’re giving away six AleHorns inscribed with house sigils from ASOIAF and Game of Thrones, but we need your help deciding which ones. Which house deserves to be immortalized on a fine drinking vessel?

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