Bottle Opener Opening Day

November 04, 2019 1 min read

And since we love YOU (yes, YOU SPECIFICALLY) so much for being an AleHorn superfan, we wanted to give you the first crack at our Opener Opening Day:

If you buy one of these openers from our Amazon listing and leave a review (positive, negative -- we don't care so long as it's HONEST), we'll give you either

  • 50% off cashback


  • 100% store credit. 

Reviews mean our products get higher listings, which means we sell more, which means we make more money, which means we get to keep making awesome products for you.

Ready to take the plunge? After you receive your opener and leave a review, email us at and let us know. No strings attached. Unless you want to turn one of these openers into a necklace for quicker access. Look, we're not saying it's a bad idea. It's a GREAT idea.


- The AleHorn Crew