The Pagan Origins of Halloween

Unlike the other common holidays we celebrate these days, who owe their popularity to Hallmark and consumerism, Halloween is ancient. It's a celebration of the spookier, unknowable side of life: death. Not only is death unknowable, but attempting to understand it is something that's uniquely human. You could say that Halloween is the only true,

Norse Mythology Series: Mead of Poetry Finale

When last we left our not-so heroes in Mead of Poetry, Odin the Allfather has disguised himself and indebted Suttung’s brother, Baugi, to him in order to get a chance at  Suttung’s mead, made from the blood of the first poet Kvasir by a pair of murderous dwarves. [Check out the first part of the

How to Camp Like a Viking

At my local box store, the swimming pool stuff just got moved to the front of the store, so you know what that meas - IT'S CAMPING SEASON! But this year, I don't want to do the whole "glamping" (glamour camping) thing. That's so 2015. Let's make 2016 the year of "vamping" - Viking camping!

4 Horn-Worthy Sriracha Drinks to Set Your World on Fire

It's Sriracha week! Why? Who knows! Just go with it. The "Rooster Sauce" that you can put on pizza, eggs, sandwiches, waffles, ice cream, and meatloaf is, as you can imagine, the perfect complement to your favorite buzzy drinks. There's actual science behind Sriracha's addictiveness. The cravable kick comes from the peppers, which contain two molecules

Quick and Easy Viking Beer Chicken Stew

I know, I know - since the Vikings didn't write things down very often, we don't really have many honest to goodness Viking recipes. Fortunately, what we do have is archaeology, which gets us pretty darn close to knowing what would have kept a Viking warm on a cold winter night. Make a more

Drinking Games of the Viking Era

Guest post by Jereme Zimmerman, author of Make Mead Like a Viking. Above image is gameplay from Don't Fall in the Mead Hall by Viking Nerds. Let’s not beat around the bush. Drinking booze is fun. And so is playing games. Combine the two and you have a surefire recipe for good times. Whether drinking out

Did the Vikings Invent Haggis?

There isn't a more traditionally Scottish dish than good 'ol haggis, which is the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep  minced with some stuff to make it taste better (mostly onions, oatmeal and spices) before it's stuffed into a sheep's stomach. Those guys have the drinking horn spirit for sure - they don't let

Is Medieval Perpetual Stew for You?

Back in the good ol' days, people would cook a stew and keep it going perpetually by adding new scraps each day. It would be in the pot for up to a year, getting more complex (and maybe more funky), being reheated every night. As a foodhandler's card holder, I'm horrified. As a medieval history

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