Add a Drinking Horn to your Halloween Costume

What's your costume this year? Chances are, it needs a drinking horn. Do you really want to be walking around empty handed?

If you think about it, Halloween is actually a pretty major drinking holiday. Behind St. Pat's, Thanksgiving, and the day after Valentine's Day, I'm pretty sure it's at least 4th on the list.

Let's talk first about the kinds of people who go out on All Hallow's. 

Halloween Costume Guide

Halloween drinking horns for Game of Thrones fans

You guys know we love you, right? We know what you've been through. Hell, we're you. The end still stings in so many ways. But are we gonna let them take the GoT out of our hearts? NO. We swore to stand watch always, and we will, godsdammit.

We're here for you. For all of the Jons, Dannys, Varyses, Tyrions, and yes, even for all of the awesome Olena Tyrels out there - you're us and we're you and let's all raise our horns together, shall we?

 Want the horns straight out of Westeros? (not really, but they're pretty convincing...) go with our XL tankards, and go ahead and eat every fucking chicken in this room.


Halloween drinking horns for your metal band


If you're anything like badass metal band Last Legion, do you really need a costume? And if you do want to wear a costume, we're betting it's super fucking scary. Like a demon, or Krampus, or a really pissed off Norse god. In any case, you'll need some horns.

For this group, we recommend Last Legion's favorite horns, which are our Extra Large Viking Style Horns (they come with a stand - but are you really going to set it down? Really?)




Halloween drinking horns for the crew from Hell

Guys (and gals), we know what you're gonna do on Halloween. We wish we didn't, but we do, oh so well. You're gonna pre-drink, then drink, then after-drink, then MAYBE if it's your thing, a little hair of the dog in the morning.

Officially, we do not condone drinking a shitload in one night. But unofficially, we respect you, wherever you end up. As long as you play it safe, and have a blast with your pack of barbarians.

For this group, nothing short of your own custom horn will do the trick. Engrave yours here:

Halloween drinking horns for your family

halloween drinking horns

First, there are the parents taking their kids trick or treating. I'm not sure how your street works, but over here in suburbia where our fam lives (so metal, I know), neighbors are known to give out Fireball shots to the parents and candy to the kids. See a parent with a mug? That's not coffee. Or water.

So to them (us? I guess that's us now) - AleHorn salutes you. Upgrade that mug to a horn, mom and dad. The neighbors will all be jealous, and isn't that what everyone really wants? For a horn-friendly matchy matchy group costume, how about a group of raiding Vikings? You guys are raiding the neighbors' for candy, and if you're lucky, a shot of whiskey, so let's just stop kidding ourselves.

For the family, how about a few custom engraved horns so you don't mix them up, like you do with your wine glasses at home? Tell me you haven't done it!

Make your own personalized drinking horns right down there 👇