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Once you're ready to order, you can select your size and style and design your horn. Our team can work with you on a custom design, or you can use our wedding customizer on your own.

Why the heck are we giving these away?

Planning a wedding is hard work. Harder than it has any gods-given right to be.  

It’s even harder when you want to have a party that’s authentic to your ideals and dreams, but the world at large doesn’t recognize those. AleHorn wants to put an end to that. And we're tackling it one drinking horn at a time. But we also know it's a big risk buying things online.

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That's why we want to win your love -- with a free gift.

You see, we hope that you will be so impressed by your free groomsmen horn, you'll come back and buy one for all your groomsmen. And your whole wedding party. And all of your family members. Heck, maybe even your whole wedding (it hasn't happened yet, but we can dream!)


Still not so sure?

You can email us with questions: But we swear this is the real deal. Check out these modern barbarians who took the plunge:


From the Blog

We love weddings here at AleHorn (drinks all around!) And no place demonstrates that better than our blog. If you are looking for some off-beat ideas for your fairytale day, that's a great place to start. Read through these historically-accurate and intriguing ideas to get you out of the burlap and lace mindset and into furs, swords, and best of all, mead:


What Were Traditional Viking Weddings Like?

What were Norse weddings actually like in the days before PETA and the Christian Church?

Viking wedding traditions held a surprising amount of complexity. A man and a woman who joined their lives together in a ceremony were the very core of the Viking homestead. Reproduction was valuable-- the more kids you had, the more you could farm, the better you could fight, and the wealthier you were.


Five Beautiful Viking Wedding Scripts

It's time. You have your personal engraved drinking horns for your groomsmen. You have your rings. You even have your venue, photographer, and an officiant. But wait a second-- that officiant doesn't have any idea at all what they're supposed to say to bind you and your partner together in holy Viking matrimony!

Don't worry. Once again, AleHorn has you covered. We've collected and written several beautiful Viking wedding ceremony scripts that you can include in your wedding. Read on!



Five Reasons Your Wedding Needs AleHorns

You’re getting married soon. Or maybe someone you know is getting married. Either way, every wedding needs drinking horns. Why? Well, allow us to break it down



10 Bad-Add Viking-Themed Wedding Ideas

You've probably heard it tons already: "It's your wedding, do what you want!" But what does that mean, exactly? Do you have to follow family traditions? Are you allowed to get crazy?

Of course you are!

We've compiled ten ideas for only the most bad-ass Vikings to make their wedding the event of the year.





Viking Wedding: How To Perform a Mead Ceremony

My barbarian-to-be is a wedding officiant. We are both mead brewers. Several times, we’ve had couples he’s marrying ask us to supply mead for their wedding, or after seeing the first season of American Gods or reading Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, asked him to write and perform a mead ceremony, similar to the one Odin and Shadow partake in in the aforementioned TV show.

We did some researching because we wanted to get it right, then we modernized it a bit to help our [spoiler alert] animal-loving friends.