Mystery Pack

The Mystery Pack was designed for our biggest fans. Each pack will be hand picked by our warehouse manager and will contain:

  • At least one horn.
  • One accessory, like a holster, comb, opener, or stand
  • One Viking Pendant
Horns will vary in size, shape and color. Horns are selected from our inventory of items that are too small (don't worry, it will still be awesome), too big (yes, it CAN be too big), or unique and colorful items we want to go to a good home.
  • NO exchanges or returns, unless your horn is defective
  • Up to $120 in value for only $74.99!
*Requests for specific items can not be fulfilled. If you don't love your items, please pay them forward. (Could make a great White Elephant gift, or perhaps that homeless person you see on your way to work every day could benefit from a Vegvisir pendant....)