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The Drinking Horn by AleHorn

AleHorn creates each hand-made drinking horn from 100% real horn.  Unique by nature, each horn is unlike any other and a perfect pairing with your mead, craft beer, or favorite beverage.  Each drinking horn is one of a kind with its own look, feel, and character.

Our designs take on the modern drinking horn take inspiration from a combination of history and fantasy. They typically come in three different styles: tankards in the style of Game of Thrones, the natural horn shape of traditional Viking drinking horns, and the curved tumbler style that hearkens a cozy fireside feast like those you might find in Middle Earth. Many variations of these have been adapted for the modern style of drinking, including a drinking horn shot glass.  We also offer an ever growing selection of accessories and other products.

We make drinking horns, but that’s not all –

Our specialty is the “Game of Thrones” style drinking horn tankard which features an inverted horn capped with an acrylic base, and a handle which is formed by bending the top of the horn over the side to create something more akin to a mug or handled goblet.  It is a slight deviation from the natural horn shape, but still 100% natural and will sit flat on your table without a stand.  We also specialize in traditional “Viking style” drinking horns in various sizes, as well as shot glasses, cups, soundng horns and other horn related items. All horns are formed, sealed and finished by hand for maximum life and durability.  They are perfect for any Game of Thrones, Viking, beer, mead, or beverage enthusiast.

Mankind could make alcohol long before we could make glass, so naturally we used what we could come by as vessels for our ancient fermented drinks like mead, ale, and wine. Not being ones to waste any part of an animal we had worked so hard to hunt or rear, we eventually figured out how to use tools to hollow out the horns of bovines to use as drinking horns, and the rest is history.

We know for sure that drinking horns have been around for 2,600 years, but it’s likely they’ve been around for even longer than that. In all that time, drinking horns have gone from practical drinking vessels to meaningful and symbolic reminders of the hallowed past. They’ve been made of horn, metal, and glass by civilizations all over the world.

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Horns have two sections – the core and the outer horn. The thickness of the horn section that’s left when the core is removed varies from animal to animal, and is one of variables that makes each horn unique. To remove the core, most horn-makers boil the horn until it is soft. The inside is made of marrow, and its removal is often messy and difficult. Another method is to leave it in a warm, dry spot until the core separates from the horn naturally. Either way the core must be removed before being processed further.

Once the horns are separated, they are cleaned and polished to specification. Some of our horns demand a high polish and smooth look, while others are less refined and have a more natural look. It is purely a matter of taste how much to polish.

For our Game of Thrones style tankards, the horns are then heated again and then the lower part of the horn (closest to the tip) is partially removed to form a “tail”. This part is then folded down, and when cooled, will create the handle.

After polishing and forming, the horns are then sealed and finished, and (optionally) engraved before being used.

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It seems that drinking horn culture has come full circle as horns have gone from cups to decorations and back again. The modern popularity of drinking horns has many factors to thank, including the characters from some of our favorite shows including:

  • Vikings
  • Game of Thrones
  • Tolkien works
AleHorn Drinking Horns


AleHorn 1 Liter Drinking Horn Tankard Right


36oz Drinking Horn Tankard

  • 36+ big-ass ounces
  • Colors and shape of horn determined by nature, so no one will ever have the same one as you
  • Finished and sealed with food-safe sealant
  • Handle and walls are all one piece of connected horn
  • Will fit more alcohol than my Irish grandpa could ever drink in one sitting


Game of Thrones Tankards

Game of Thrones Style Drinking Horn tankards are made from all-natural inverted buffalo or ox horns. When cutting the shape of the tankard from the larger horn, a piece is left attached to the lip which is then curved downward to form the handle.

Since every tankard is made from a different horn, each one will have unique size and color, making all of them truly one of a kind. They’re made with 100% horn walls finished off with a sturdy acrylic base.

Each food-safe tankard is sealed, and depending on the style, either slightly polished for a natural textured finish or highly polished for a mirror shine.


Drinking Horns

All of our beautiful traditional handmade Viking Drinking Horns are made much in the same fashion as those found in the ancient burial sites of Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and Celtic rulers. Unlike them, however, you won’t need to hang on to your cup while you eat one-handed because we’ve added a 100% horn stand to keep it level. You also get to enjoy your drink while you’re still alive, which is an added bonus.

To preserve the lip of the horn and make the drinking experience as authentic as possible, our Viking horns are rimmed in brass and then sealed at the seam.

We offer a few select sizes and finishes to suit your needs.


Cups and Tumblers

Our cup and tumbler designs are taken straight from the firesides of olde inns, designed to bring comfort to world-weary travelers at the end of the day.

All cups are made from 100% natural horn walls attached to a solid hard acylic base. Each is sealed, food-safe and polished smooth on the inner surface (where the horn contacts liquid of food) and either semi-polished on the out side for a natural, textured look or polished smooth.

The tumblers have a natural finish while the caps have fully polished exterior walls.


Custom Engraving

Engrave initials, logos, and more

Get your name, initials, logo, or anything you want engraved on our drinking horns and items.  Prices start from $20 per unit (for initials and monograms).  We can do murals and fine detail work as well.  Get a quote now.

All engraving is done by hand by Chris Grunch of Grunch Studios.

Get Yours Engraved

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