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  • Mjolnir

Viking Symbolism: Mjolnir


Continuing on in our symbolism dictionary is this symbol: Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) If you are a Norse Pagan or Asatru, you know exactly what this is. And if you’re a Marvel Comics fan, you probably know too. In fact, this is most likely the most recognizable symbol in Norse mythology because of its

  • Triskelion

Viking Symbolism: The Norse Triskelion


The Norse Tirskelion (also called horn Triskelion) You may find yourself perusing our symbols and runes page and wondering just what the crap these squiggles and lines mean. Well, fear not! We’ve decided to expand a little on some of our designs so you know just what you are getting. This is our

  • Norse Folklore

The 5 Most Metal Monsters from Norse Folklore


Every mythology has its own spooky creatures. But just as the Norse like to knock everything up to the most radical, blood-filled, raging, headbanging, degree, so do their monsters in folklore. Read on, if you dare, and learn about what went bump in the night for even the mightiest of warriors. A Draugr

Norse Halloween: A Sacrifice to the Elves


If our previous article on the origins of Halloween got you jonesing for the weirdness of death, perhaps you were wondering what the old Norse did to celebrate their dead and keep spirits at bay. Well, fear not! The Norse had their own beliefs about the season where the harvest comes to fruition and the

  • Halloween

The Pagan Origins of Halloween


Unlike the other common holidays we celebrate these days, who owe their popularity to Hallmark and consumerism, Halloween is ancient. It's a celebration of the spookier, unknowable side of life: death. Not only is death unknowable, but attempting to understand it is something that's uniquely human. You could say that Halloween is the only true,

Norse Mythology Series: Mead of Poetry Finale


When last we left our not-so heroes in Mead of Poetry, Odin the Allfather has disguised himself and indebted Suttung’s brother, Baugi, to him in order to get a chance at  Suttung’s mead, made from the blood of the first poet Kvasir by a pair of murderous dwarves. [Check out the first part of the

Norse Mythology Series: Mead of Poetry Part Two


When last we left the Mead of Poetry, it was in the hands of the two murderous dwarfs, Galar and Fialar, who had made it with the blood of the first poet, Kvasir. The dwarves had become emboldened by their murder spree, and went on to attract the attention of the great giant, Suttung, after

  • Norse Creation Myth

The Norse Creation Myth is as Violent as You’d Expect


Every culture has their own interpretation of how the world was made. But true to their colors, the Norse creation myth is definitely the most metal one you’re likely to find out there in the wide world of literary canon. Here’s why. The story goes that when there wasn’t much of anything else, there were

The Origin of Mead, According to Norse Mythology


They say that knowledge is power. But in the case of Kvasir, wisest man in the world, his knowledge was mead. Or rather, his knowledge (and his very life force) would go on to become mead through some unfortunate circumstances, according to Norse mythology. The birth of Kvasir You see, Kvasir was the

Skol! Minnesota Vikings Sounding Horn Giveaway


If you're a Vikings fan, we know a couple of things about you: you hate the Pack, you know real Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets and you don't give a sh*t, and you love to MAKE SOME NOISE. Even though you've got yourselves a fancy new indoor stadium, we can't help but respect the

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